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Teeth Whitening Available at Schmidle, DDS

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Would you like to dazzle your friends and family with a whiter, brighter smile?  Coffee, tea, cigarettes, blueberries, and soda are just a few of the products that can promote staining on your teeth.  Whether you have a class reunion, graduation, wedding, job interview, or just want to brighten your smile there are several options available to you.  images[1]The biggest difference between the options is the strength of the product, and the time it takes to get the results you want.  For those with minimal staining, certain over-the-counter products such as whitening toothpaste, rinse, or strips may provide the desired result.  Dr. Schmidle in Goodlettsville, TN offers both ZOOM and custom bleaching trays with professional strength gel.  ZOOM treatment takes about two hours, the results are instant and proven to work on the toughest stains.  The custom bleaching trays are used at home with the bleaching solution that is a stronger product than sold in retail stores.  Results can be seen in a few days, but two weeks of daily use will yield the best results.  For more information visit

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