What is a crown?

Unlike veneers, crowns cover the entire tooth and are placed if a tooth has fractured, had a root canal procedure, or has vast recurrent decay that cannot be restored with a filling. Crowns are made of various materials some of which can be color-matched to the shade of your other natural teeth.

What is a bridge?

Dental bridges a more permanent solution to partials. The artificial structure is attached to two crowns, which are placed over the existing teeth adjacent to several missing teeth. The existing teeth are augmented for proper placement of the crowns and mimic the look of a full row of teeth.

Benefits of a crowns and bridges

A dental crown can have many oral health benefits as well as cosmetic benefits such as:

  • Providing support to a damaged tooth
  • Restore a tooth after a root canal
  • Restore a tooth that has vast decay or fractures
  • Provide chewing support that once was not there due to missing or damaged teeth
  • Boost confidence by showing off your smile with healthy-looking teeth


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